June 6, 2010

Another bar, another guy, and another date a couple of days later. Are we sensing a trend yet?

Well, this guy was really persistent and went out of his way to plan a fun date. However, the thought of spending an ENTIRE day hiking in God Knows Where Indiana with some dude I barely knew left me feeling a little uneasy. Cue the “Dueling Banjos” song. For anyone who has seen the movie Deliverance, “I bet you can squeal like a pig” is not exactly a line I care to hear anytime soon. My mouth sure is pretty but not in the way you are suggesting!

As an alternative, I suggested drinks instead. I wanted to do something more novel and unique. He picked me up and as we drove away I asked him how his weekend had been. He then begins to tell me IN DETAIL about his date from the day before. How he met her, what they did, how he felt about the girl and was sure to include the fact he went back to her house for drinks late into the evening after their day trip to Lake Geneva.

Hmmm…is this information that was supposed to entice me in some way?

Sensing I was confused as to why he was sharing this information, he said with a wink and a smile, “All I could think about was you though.”

“Really,” I asked him, “what EXACTLY about me were you thinking about? Because, um, you don’t know me.”

And now, schmuck, you never will.

Dating Rule #7:

It’s our first date – we obviously are not committed and most likely both dating other people. But there is no need to share information regarding your “successful” date from the night before. It’s uncomfortable and unnecessary.

The only thing that makes the situation worse is to sprout out a cheesy line. Cheese should be worshipped and cherished preferably with crackers, chips or any kind of meat. Cheese is meant for the mouth, not the ears.

I am not a woman who swoons at cheesy lines. I am a woman who will bitch slap your cheesy ass though. Consider yourself warned.


4 Responses to “DATE-A-HOLIC”

  1. Ranya Says:

    You need your own sitcom…just like Seinfeld but we will call it Freskos!

  2. Melvin Says:

    Leigh honey, you have to expand your dating pool. Where are meeting these imbeciles? Remind me to never ever frequent these places!

  3. TheSingleFilez Says:

    What a douchebag!

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