August 1, 2010

After getting out of a long-term relationship, there is only one thing you want in the world – freedom.

No ties. Oats a’sowin. Not going anywhere near an actual commitment or anything ending in “ship” in general.

At least that is how I roll.

After many, many months of “having fun,” this did start to get old, though. Months went by and I finally felt ready to start dating again and putting myself out there. So I found myself agreeing to go on a blind date set up by a family friend. I have been on a few of these before in my life. I’ve actually been lucky in that my friends/family have good taste. (Except if you count their taste in friends.)

Unfortunately, this story has to do with my own issues.

Mr. Blind Date, at no point, asked me for a picture, nor did he friend me on Facebook. We emailed and talked on the phone. He suggested getting dinner. I was somewhat surprised he was willing to commit to dinner when he did not know what I looked like. But, then again, I had been out of the game awhile, was a bit jaded and hoped that perhaps the rules had changed.

We met for dinner at a local restaurant, and to say I was nervous would be the understatement of the year. I hadn’t been on a real date in years, let alone a blind one. As a result, I hadn’t eaten much during the day and my stomach was in knots. I actually do not even think I touched my dinner. The reason I say think is because I drank four martinis. At dinner. FOUR. Now, I can definitely hold my liquor, but four martinis on an empty stomach is NEVER a good idea.

Mr. Blind Date is actually cute and really hilarious. You would think that would put me at ease, but no.

You would think it would put me at ease that he knows a good friend of mine from college. Also no.

The reason he suggested dinner was my friend had assured him I was fun and cute, so he skipped the non-committal drinks.

Shockingly, the date details are a little blurry. And by little, I mean I recall almost none of it. But I do remember talking a lot about strip clubs (of the female variety) and lesbian porn, which resulted in him asking me if I was bi-sexual.

Sigh. I am not.

After dinner we got a few more drinks at a bar, and that is REALLY blurry. I wasn’t sure how the date ended or if he seemed to be into me. What I do recall is that I went home and decided to go back out to meet my friends in the wee hours of the night. And they were all in shock at my state of drunkenness and that I had come from a first date.

Bets were made about the chances of going out on a second date. The odds were not in my favor!

My friends were wrong, as we actually ended up going out after that. He was rather understanding about the whole thing. I think he was actually even entertained by it all.

Dating Rule:

Don’t get drunk on a first date. Especially if it’s a blind date. This will lead to inappropriate discussions that have no business being discussed on ANY date, let alone a first date.

You would think I would have learned from this?

I did not.


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