September 26, 2010

Yes, these people truly exist and are not fictional characters in a sci-fi novel or something.

By now you’ve probably figured out that I like to eat.

A lot.

Especially anything that involves cheese.

Fast forward to another date with a guy who was actually quite normal. We had a lot of similar interests and he was very much a gentleman. He picked out a tapas restaurant, so I was quite excited. I could barely sleep the night before as visions of bacon-wrapped dates danced in my head.

As we perused the menu discussing what to order, he casually said, “By the way, I don’t like cheese.”

Doesn’t LIKE cheese? Clearly I must have heard him wrong.

“Oh, so you’re lactose intolerant?” I clarified.

“No,” he responded with a shrug. “I just don’t like it.”

Now I’ve heard a lot of crazy things in my day, but not LIKING cheese? I began to list all of the various kinds of cheese. There are many, although none of which does anything for his obviously dull taste buds? I peppered him with questions about not eating certain foods involving cheese: pizza, nachos, grilled cheese, macaroni and cheese – the list goes on and on!

Without cheese in my life, I’d be a lost soul. Cheese has gotten me through a lot of rough times, including a particularly bad horseback riding incident involving an unnamed member of the female anatomy, as well as several other debilitating diseases, Bubonic plague included.

Ok, maybe I’m being dramatic, but seriously, it’s cheese! It makes everything delicious!

I spent the remainder of our date grilling him about his dairy disdain. I could not seem to comprehend it, and he could not seem to end the date quick enough.

Dating Rule:

I seriously went out with someone who called themselves the Gas Man on a first date. At this point, do I have room to be picky?

I would not dismiss someone based on his food aversions alone. This experience actually caused me to reflect on myself a bit. I mean, I responded worse to him not liking cheese than I would have if he told me he used to torture and kill kittens as a child.

But seriously, not LIKING cheese? I just don’t get it!


7 Responses to “CHEESE HATER”

  1. Ranya Says:

    I understand your love off cheese. I would not survive without it.

  2. CrystalSpins Says:

    I think this guy probably has a psychological disorder and disliking cheese is a symptom. Run away.


  3. marinasleeps Says:

    You were right not to take it the next level. Without cheese, he would have had a chemical imbalance somewhere.
    Good choice!
    And at least you know Gas Man is eatting his cheese!

  4. Melvin Says:

    Doesn’t like cheese? The date is over. Next!

  5. Catherine Says:

    I think not liking cheese is a serious red flag. That and not liking Anderson Cooper. Who doesn’t like Anderson Cooper? This is what I’m dealing with with a guy I’m dating… and he thinks Lady Gaga is hot. So weird!! 🙂

  6. The ocean’s blue, strawberries are red and cheese is yummy! It’s my nemesis, actually. I just had a Halloween party and everyone that came brought some cheese. The cocktail’s were just the icing on the cake that made for a lovely evening.

    Maybe your date had some traumatic experience as a child and happened to eat cheese at that very moment, thus developing a negative association with cheese. I’m just trying to understand this. I’m baffled! ;0)

    • Haha right?! A traumatic experience is the only explanation. When it comes to dating I try to stay open-minded except for core values…such as the all important liking cheese!!!

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