Hi, I’m Leigh. I’m thirty-something years old, live in the city of Chicago, have been single for several years … blah, blah, blah. You know the cliché. Watch an old “Sex & the City” episode and that’s basically my life. Well … my life, but without all the expensive shoes and purses, fancy drinks, trendy career options, and gorgeous men hitting on me on the sidewalk. Come to think of it, imagine “Drunk & Looking Homeless in the City” and you’ll probably have a better visual. One that involves way more slobbering and passing out naked with a burrito in hand.

I’ve never blogged and I don’t have a Twitter account, although I do enjoy a good Facebook update on occasion. I decided to start this blog after yet another hilariously horrible date. Being single for the last <cough, muffle> years, I’ve done my fair share of dating. Some experiences have been fun, romantic, wonderful and even almost turned into something amazing. Almost. This blog will not be discussing those dates. Instead, I will highlight a few dating rules I’ve learned along the way on my quest to find love. Okay, perhaps it’s not a quest. Going on a “quest” conjures an image of swashbuckling or, at the very least, swords. This is really more of me being bored and going out with random guys who seem like they won’t chop me in pieces and hide my remains in a forest preserve.

I digress.

These stories are 100% true. I could not even make stuff like this up. 


18 Responses to “About”

  1. Sabrina Says:

    Laugh-out-loud hilarious! You’re awesome, Leigh! Can’t wait for the next one.

  2. Cahill Says:

    Leigh.. I miss you. And I’m seriously looking forward to more of your stories.

  3. Nancy Hayes Says:

    Website? You mean, like, MY website? You ARE a funny girl!

  4. Phoebe Says:

    this truly is like SATC — only, like you say, low budget (i meant that in a good way). can’t wait for the next one. it’s bringing back “fond” memories . . .

  5. Hollie Says:

    Hilarious reading…..can’t wait for more…..

  6. Rachel Says:

    Awesome! We miss you & totally want to set you up with someone for either a wonderful experience or another post!

  7. Lauren Says:

    I can’t wait for all the stories to come…!

  8. lexie Says:

    Brilliant… i am sharing with everyone I know.

  9. Kelly Says:

    They get funnier every post! Thanks for making the time at my desk go a bit faster.

  10. NOLA26 Says:


  11. sal Says:

    so laugh out loud, tears in the eyes, call all your colleagues over to read it over your shoulder, funny!

  12. angela acciari Says:

    No way!! Too funny!! God I miss dating!

  13. Anne Says:

    Your stories give me hope that Mr. Right is just around the corner.

  14. JP Says:

    Classic stories we can all relate to!

  15. Heather Says:

    Wowsa! My girlfriend (friend who’s a girl) just sent me the link to your blog and now we both love it! I honestly had hoped that only the women in Atlanta had to go through the dating fiascos you describe (we lament that it’s the disproportionate ratio of females to hetero males in the city), but unfortunately, looks like you’ve got the same issues in Chicago. So sad! But so entertaining! Thanks for letting us know we have a comrade up north & helping us keep our chins up. Cheers!

  16. Six_33 Says:

    …who won’t chop me up in pieces and hide my remains in a forest preserve – hilarious!

  17. Your blog is fun! I’m going to keep coming back. Keep writing 🙂

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